Children and Teens

I believe children and teens should have a safe and trusting place to talk about their struggles.  I provide children and teens with a trusting environment where they can share and discuss their struggles.  Children and teens often have difficulties with self-esteem, friend challenges, bullying and developing their own identity.  I craft each interaction with children and teens to their specific needs, meeting them where they are at in their individual therapeutic journey.


In today’s world the hustle and bustle of life can often get in the way and cause friction in families.  Families struggle with divorce, pain and regret, addiction, and other challenges.  I work with the family together to address these issues and others that may arise.  Creating a trusting environment where the focus of therapy is on techniques to improve communication, conflict resolution, and creating a positive family environment.


I provide my clients with a warm and inviting environment to encourage openness and cultivate a trusting relationship.  I tailor therapeutic interventions based on the client’s specific needs, helping client’s to find solutions to their individual circumstances.


Couples counseling allows two individuals to improve their relationship.  I begin couples counseling by identifying the problem areas in a relationship and working together to provide tools to find solutions based on individual differences.  Couples counseling includes marriage counseling, premarital counseling as well as relationship counseling.